Friday, July 31, 2009

Bird Photography

I did a bird photo session with the San Dimas Photography Club yesterday evening. While I do find that birds are beautiful creatures, I don't think I would enjoy doing bird photography as part of my business. Because they are limited to what they can do, I find them boring. Dogs, cats, and children are hard to control and they don't listen most of the time, but they are more fun to photograph because they can run (or crawl) around, and they have toys to play with. They can play out in an open area. Birds are not cats, dogs or children. The only thing they can do is sit and look pretty. I'm sharing a few photos on here, however, I will not be putting them on my zenfolio website. I don't want bird owners to get the impression that I will do a photo session with their beloved, beautiful birds.

This is Barney:

This is Ditto:

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Children And Family Photography

I recently did a family and children portraits session with the Los Angeles Photography meetup group. A mother and children meetup group agreed to do a photo session with us. This was my first photo session with kids and I thoroughly enjoyed working with the kids and their mothers.

Baby Alexis with Mom:

Baby Jasmine and Auntie Lisa:

Lisa is a 13 year old aunt to baby Jasmine. Lisa is the sister to baby Jasmine's mother.

Baby Maddy and Mom:

Sometimes, I wish I had my own kids because babies are actually really fun to photograph. However, I'll still pass because kids are a lot of work and they're expensive. It would also be very selfish of me to have any when I don't want to be tied down by kids and I don't want to make time for them. You just must really and truly want them in order for them to be a wonderful part in your life.

Monday, July 20, 2009

History Lesson Of The Day - Downtown Los Angeles

Heavy load of photos, beware! This is the first post with lots of pictures and it will be the only one for awhile. These pictures won't be uploaded to my zenfolio website because architectural photography is not my forte and I only put up photos that I think are good or are the type of photography that interests me the most.

I have lived in the Los Angeles area all my life, and I had a history lesson yesterday. I'm a member of "Urban Adventures" photography meetup group which is based in Los Angeles area. We had a photography event/excursion yesterday. Howard was the group leader and he was very educational! Thanks to Matt Saville who explained the technical stuff and taught me how to shoot in manual mode at last week's photography workshop, I shot in all manual mode yesteday.

Million Dollar Theater:

Bradbury Building:

Barceley Hotel:

The man in the above photo was very accomodating and didn't kick the photography group out of the hotel. He also allowed three of us (I being one of them) photographers to take his photo. I loved how he looked so serious in the photo!

Rosslyn Hotel:

Edwards Hotel:

KRKD Radio Tower:

This radio station no longer exist and it is probably too expensive to take down the tower

Security National Bank (converted to a theater for drama/plays):

Los Angeles Stock Exhange:

Eastern Columbia Building:

Jesus Saves:

U.S. Bank:

Bank Of America:

Los Angeles Theater:

Angel's Flight:

Angel's Flight used to be working trolleys in the mid-1990's to 2001, but it had been closed down due to a very tragic accident where one of the trolleys came off the tracks and killed someone.


Ghost Signs:

In the last photo of Ghost Signs, you can see the outlining of the name for "Craby Joe's". It is very faint, and somewhat hard to see though.


Miscellaneous Photos:

We had lunch at Cole's sandwhich place

Optimus Prime and Megatron had a fight scene in this intersection towards the end of the Transformers 1 movie.

U2 did their music video ("The Streets Have No Name") on the roof of Craby Joe's

This picture is somewhat blurry, but I really love this photo because the little girl posed and smiled for me!

We found some dead rats that got run over