Friday, July 31, 2009

Bird Photography

I did a bird photo session with the San Dimas Photography Club yesterday evening. While I do find that birds are beautiful creatures, I don't think I would enjoy doing bird photography as part of my business. Because they are limited to what they can do, I find them boring. Dogs, cats, and children are hard to control and they don't listen most of the time, but they are more fun to photograph because they can run (or crawl) around, and they have toys to play with. They can play out in an open area. Birds are not cats, dogs or children. The only thing they can do is sit and look pretty. I'm sharing a few photos on here, however, I will not be putting them on my zenfolio website. I don't want bird owners to get the impression that I will do a photo session with their beloved, beautiful birds.

This is Barney:

This is Ditto:

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