Sunday, August 2, 2009

San Dimas Dog Park

I took my dog, Kiko, to the dog park - which is part of the Horsethief Canyon Park - in San Dimas, CA for the small breed dog meetup group this morning. We meet once a month for the group. This is the second time that I have taken her to any dog parks and I need to take her to a dog park more often. While she is good and enjoys greeting other dogs, she needs to learn how to be a dog and play with other dogs.

Rupert (pug)

The small breed dog meetup group meets once a month. There were only three members from the group that showed up. What a disappointing turn out! While there weren't that many members from the group, I still enjoyed talking with the members and taking photos. There were other dogs and pet owners - who weren't part of the group - there.

San Dimas Dog Park:

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