Sunday, October 25, 2009

Children's Halloween Portraits

I attended a chidren's Halloween photo session in Eagle Rock, CA for the Los Angeles Photograpy meetup group yesterday. While it was fun to photograph children, there were about 15 or so kids ranging in ages from six months to five years old (with only five or so photographers!). I only managed to photograph about eleven children. Some of them are siblings. Oh my gosh, there were so many children there that it was difficult to photograph them all. Most of them liked to run away and play or they were camera shy or just shy around strangers. I think I can handle photographing families if the family had two small children under six years old. They can have older kids, but one or two younger kids is a lot to handle since they like to run around instead of listening/cooperating.

Sister and Brother, Chloe and Sean:

Baby girl, Eiza, didn't have a costume but was just as cute!



Brothers, Luca and Jaiden:

Merrick didn't have his costume either:


Brother and Sister, Phillip and Scarlette:

While it was difficult and somewhat frustrating to photograph ALL the children that were there, it was still fun.

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