Monday, February 22, 2010

External Flash Unit

I recently got an external flash unit for my camera. I actually already had this before this past weekend, but didn't bother to bring it with me to the event yesterday. The chart on the back of the unit threw me off and the instruction manual didn't help either. I practiced using the flash on stuff indoors at home based on the chart, but because it threw me off and I didn't understand it too clearly, my pictures came out blurry. So I didn't bother to bring the flash with me to the event yesterday because I was afraid of making my pictures look terrible and I wanted to leave with some decent pictures.

With some help from my photographer friends, I'm less confused. Thanks, guys!!! By all means, this does not mean that I can do a wedding at an indoor venue tomorrow. I still need to practice using it, but let's hope that no one wants to hire me before I'm ready - you'll see photos in the next few weeks while I practice with the flash. For now, I'm quite comfortable with outdoor weddings and outdoor photo sessions.

Day 7 of 365 project:

The main reason for getting the flash out and working with it now...was because someone left a comment about my bridal show pictures. The comment wasn't terrible and I realize those pictures aren't great (I didn't get paid to take those pictures)...but seriously, I need to stop being so afraid of an external flash unit, so I can learn how to use it correctly and eventually use it for serious clients.

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