Thursday, February 25, 2010


I took Kiko outside to take some test shots with the external flash on the camera. I just wanted to see what the picture(s) looked like, even though I didn't get any good pictures of Kiko that were worth sharing. It wasn't that I took terrible photos, but I didn't bribe her with any doggie treats, so she was being camera shy and looked away.

I gave up, trying to take Kiko's photos, so I went to
my mailbox to pick up my mail and take some pictures of the flowers that were growing around the base of the mailbox post. I turned around to find Kiko sunbathing on the driveway. I did take two pictures, one with flash and one without, and I wanted to see the difference. After all, this was taken mid-day with the harshest sunlight. They both looked the same to me becasue she was too far away for the flash to matter? I did notice a difference when I was closer to her and the flash was used, but of course, we were in the shade.

Sunbathing is something that Kiko enjoys doing. Today was a perfect day for her to sunbathe because it was sunny with the highest temperature of 70 degrees.

Day 10 of 365 Project:

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