Friday, February 26, 2010

Union Station Downtown Los Angeles

I went to Union Station this afternoon to check out the lighting and do some test shots. A fellow photographer also suggested that I spoke to the security guard that worked there to let him know about a photo session that I would be doing there at a later date. All is well with the security guard! I have an engagement session planned for next Saturday, March 6th.

I had never been to Union Station before despite living in the Los Angeles area all my life. I had seen photographs from other photographers who did sessions here before, but seeing this place in person was really cool! The rain stopped long enough so I could take a walk outside the property for some shots. It
was really nice and scenic. However, I failed at acting like a tourist and taking a picture of the main entrance of Union Station.

The below picture is actually more for myself; to show myself what I can do. It's really not meant for other people, but I want to remember this a year from now and see improvements that I've made. I'm pretty sure my interest, style and improvements will change for the better in about six months or more. I took a test shot of this wall with the flash on. The area was somewhat dark with orange/amber overhead lights. I'm happy with the way the picture came out. I had the flash pointed up towards the ceiling for this shot. I had the flash towards the corner where the wall met the ceiling for another shot, but the flash reflected off those metal things surrounding the colorful tiles. I didn't like that one. I think it would have been ok for the less shiny objects.

Day 12 of 365 Project:

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