Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's All About Capitalism

Taking a picture of Kiko's side profile is not always so bad. Once in awhile, I'd like for her to look towards the camera so when she passes away, I would still have pictures of her and remember what she looks like. The best way for me to get her to look towards the camera is by holding some yummy doggie treats near my camera. If it wasn't for the food, she would just look the other way and ignore me until I put the camera away. It's all about capitalism!

I took Kiko's picture during the "Golden Hour" which is basically within 20 minutes before the sun sets. During this time has the best lighting for photos. I wonder for "cropped" close up shots on subjects with a "long" snout/muzzle, is it better to have the nose or the eyes in focus? Or is this a personal preference?

Day 16 of
365 Project:

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