Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Low Light Photography

I was experimenting with flash in low lighting outdoors. Outdoor low lighting being right after sunset where it wasn't quite dark, still some daylight, but at the same time there wasn't enough light that it would still make photos turn out somewhat dark without the flash. Eventually, I will have to know how to use the flash properly during this time of day and even after dark like the back of my hand, so I have to practice a lot.

I still have much to learn and get in a lot of practice before I am good with flash photography in low lighting. Using the flash outdoors is totally different than indoor flash for me. With indoor photography, I can bounce the flash off the wall or ceiling (if it's low enough) and can figure out what looks good. I still need to learn the settings and know what looks good with flash in low lighting outdoors.

Day 37 of
365 Project:


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  2. You can still bounce flash outside. A nearby wall, fence of window can work. You can even use a reflector, either set up on a stand or held by an assistant to bounce some flash onto your subject. You'll still have to crank up the ISO, as your flash will disperse more than it will indoors, but good results are possible.