Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I had plans to meet Will and Chris (both professional photographers) for dinner this evening. They came from New York City to attend a photography seminar here in Los Angeles near the Los Angeles airport. I wasn't able to attend the seminar because it was too last minute to sign up. Things got discombobulated when Will decided at the last minute that he wanted to attend a workshop involving actual shooting/photographing in the evening. He sent me a message on facebook, but well, I was already on the road and halfway to the hotel he was staying at. I did see him through passing when he was on his way out to the evening workshop. So it wasn't a total loss being unable to meet him at all. Chris didn't want to attend the evening workshop, but we didn't have luck finding each other. I think we would have had better luck finding each other at the hotel if we were facebook friends before he arrived in Los Angeles.

Since Will and Chris stayed at the Marriott which was extremely close to the airport, it wasn't a waste of a trip trying to visit them while they were in town. I have a fascination with commercial jets taking off or preparing for a landing and seeing all the activity on the air strip. I also love to see how huge and massive they are! I don't visit this part of town very often and I certainly don't visit airports much either, so I knew I had to find a spot to take photos. I got excited seeing jets flying overhead either taking off or getting ready to land while I was driving on the freeway, on my way to meet Will and Chris. I did manage to find a spot near the airport to take some photos of the jets coming in for a landing before Will and Chris came out of the day/afternoon seminar. I was at the wrong side of the airport to see any jets take off, but I was still like a little kid in a toy store when I saw the jets coming in for a landing. There were several airlines that came in, but I was only able to identify SOUTHWEST (the only airline I was able to photograph). I didn't recognize the other airlines.

I had been wanting to take photos of these jets landing or taking off for a long while, but I never got a chance. To me, seeing a commercial jet is more exciting than a small, private jet. Also, when they're so high in the sky, they're not really fun to look at because they're so tiny. When they're really close to the ground after a take off or preparing for a landing, it's easy to see how huge they are and I'm so amazed at the size of them. I also enjoy seeing what they use to manuever the plane for a take off or preparing for a landing. So even if I didn't get to meet Will and Chris for dinner, I got what I wanted from an airport.

Day 57 of 365 Project:

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  1. great shot!
    i was doing the same thing yesterday during my visit to mississauga... I was in the car taking some shots of the airplanes because my nephew insisted on me taking them lol he loves the airplanes... well again love the shot :)