Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April Showers

April showers bring May flowers. Ok, so I don't remember the last time that it rained in Southern California in the month of April. It's been so long ago that it doesn't seem normal for rain here at this time of year anymore.

Luckily, it had stopped raining long enough this afternoon for me to walk Kiko. Luckily, it stayed that way until after we returned from our 30 minute walk and it started to pour after that! So, while I was out on a walk with Kiko, there were many things that were still wet from raining minutes before we headed out. I took a photo of the rain on a car's hood. I've seen other photographers' versions of this and I quite like mine.

Day 64 of 365 Project:

By the way, remember how I posted about an SLR film camera that I got from someone at work a few weeks ago? I finally finished one roll of 24 exposure film. You can view some of the photos by clicking here. These were not developed in a darkroom. I didn't have access to one and I really have no idea how to develop film anyway. I would have really messed up the photos by developing them myself because of my lack of knowledge on film development. Since shooting in manual mode with this SLR film camera is not an option, I need to just have fun taking photos without worrying about composition, etc. I worry about how they will look that only nine out of twenty-four photos turned out ok. Since I can't really view the photo(s) immediately after taking a photo and I have to wait for them to get developed, I think I can take better photos if I just have fun with it.

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