Monday, April 19, 2010


I actually don't know the name of the fruit or what kind it is. If anyone knows what this is, I will greatly appreciate the help! It is on the tree in my neighbor's yard which is located right next to my driveway. This is the first time I have seen the tree grow any fruit and my neighbor has had this tree in the yard for two years now.

Day 63 of 365 Project:

By the way, this was unintentional and I didn't realize this until I was editing the photo and uploaded it for viewing that I managed to use the backlight for some flare in the photo. Also, usually you can't get this kind of lighting except in the morning or in the evening, but I'm just learning that at the right angle with the right background, you can get flare in the photo(s) at almost any time of the day. This was taken at 1:20pm (during the harshest lighting of the day)!

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