Friday, April 23, 2010

Jabari's TKD Belt Testing

My friend, Leilani, invited me to her son's belt testing for Tae Kwon Do in Fullerton, CA. It was held today and he was promoted to red belt. My martial arts background is in Kajukenbo (Korean Karate, Judo/Jui-jitsu, Kenpo, and Chinese Boxing (Kung Fu)) and this is the only style that I have ever practiced/trained in. Today was the first time that I had seen how the instructors and students of Tae Kwon Do (or other martial arts styles) do their belt testing, so to see how a different style do things for belt testing was an interesting experience.

Day 67 of 365 project:

I have a few new readers. To update you, I have a second degree black belt and 15 years of experience in a mixed martial arts called Kajukenbo. I was recently promoted to second degree black belt. I also don't teach martial arts, but I occassionally will volunteer to teach friends.

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