Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kiko At Play

I was starting to think that I was bored from not having anything to take pictures of. I was afraid that I would have to get in the car again and drive 10+ miles out of my home town/city to get pictures of something....someplace that I hadn't been to in a long time. Luckily, I found something that entertained me for the time being before I got bored again. I just don't feel like getting in the car and driving.

I didn't take Kiko to a park. So instead, I threw the ball around in the yard for her to chase after. The yard was small and I didn't know how I'd fare in photographing her while throwing the ball around for her to chase after in a yard or at the park. It was much different having someone else throw the ball for her while I took her picture(s). While it was difficult being a photographer AND a ball thrower, it wasn't as bad as I thought even though she didn't return the ball back to me like she usuaully would. She usually was interested in returning the ball after it had been thrown because she'd like to continue chasing after the ball for awhile. She didn't care to return the ball and managed to entertain herself without me. I was ok with this when I noticed that she was throwing the ball around for herself!

Day 52 of
365 Project:

On a side note, I walked Kiko twice already today. She still needs to get walked later this evening, but someone else will be doing that. Dave called me while I took her out for a second walk. He thought that it was strange to walk a dog three times a day for "bathroom breaks". She will NOT do her business in the yard at home. Dogs need their exercise, but more importantly, they need to get walked for bathroom breaks. If she didn't get walked in the middle of the day, she would have gone 12 to 14 hours between walks without a bathroom break. I asked him if he could wait 12 to 14 hours without going to the bathroom. He still didn't understand that it wasn't natural for dogs to go that long without a bathroom break. So, I'm a bit peeved at how ignorant some people can get on some things.

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