Sunday, April 25, 2010

Maternity, Children, and Family Portraits

I attended a group photoshoot with the Los Angeles Shoot This! event photo group today. The theme was "Maternity, Children and Family". While there were adult models who didn't have any children of their own included in this event, there were plenty of "models" who were parents or kids. I opted for the parents and kids who modeled for us because I'd like to include more maternity, family, and children portraits in my portfolio and I absolutely love children and family portraits!

By the way, photography group event organizer who is also my photographer friend also managed to get the L.A. Shoot This! event photography group branded water bottle. Isn't that cool?! You can't get this branded water from anywhere. It's exclusively for the group only.

Day 69 of 365 Project:

To see photos from today's event, please click here and visit my other blog.

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  1. Yes, I love family and photos of children too! Just people captured doing everyday life stuff in general. We still gotta set up something soon, right?