Monday, April 5, 2010

Photographer Friends

Today, I met some of my photographer friends who came to town from out of town. Two friends (husband and wife and both are photographers) were Chris and Oiao (they do a lot of weddings together) and they came from Washington, D.C. I met with Chris and Oiao for lunch this afternoon. Oiao's brother also came along to lunch with us and he was from out of town also, I think. We had lunch in the town that I lived in which was about 30 miles or so from downtown Los Angeles. Chris has a cousin who also lives in the same city as I do, although she didn't meet us for lunch. I have been friends with Chris for over two years (maybe three?) now. Even though Chris and Oiao were recently married (December 2009), they have been together for longer than Chris and I have been friends. Oiao and I recently became friends. Oiao, Chris, and Oiao's brother were great people to meet with, and I hope to hang out with them again.

I also met with Junshien for coffee after I had lunch with Oiao and Chris. Oiao and Chris wanted to meet Junshien, but they had other things to do. Junshien couldn't meet earlier for lunch because he also had stuff to do before meeting me for coffee, and couldn't make the drive to where we had lunch due to his schedule considering that he was staying in Hollywood and I don't live that close to there. Junshien and I have been friends for five years, and this was the first time that I've met him in real life. He was a great person to meet and he gave me some good suggestions/advice.

Day 49 of
365 Project:

Junshien and I
This is the first "self"-portrait that I took even though there is another person in the picture. I call it a "self"-portrait because the camera was in my hand and I took the picture. I need to work on how I feel with self-portraits. I'm quite ok with someone else taking my picture, but I don't like taking my own picture. I get self-concious for some reason, but this is where I need to work on myself (and using what I learned from the recent seminar on "Self-Analysis"). I also need to work on taking better self-portraits. I always think that I somehow not correctly positioned in the photo.

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