Sunday, April 11, 2010

Social Bowling

I ended up not going to the Cherry Blossom Festival in downtown Los Angeles-Little Tokyo today. From the way the sky looked this morning when I went running, it was dark and cloudy, and it looked like it was going to rain. I didn't have a waterproof case for my camera and I didn't want my camera getting damaged from the rain. Rain to my camera is like kryptonite to superman. I'm not ready to upgrade my camera yet, but more importantly, I can't afford to get another one right now either.

So, instead of that, I went bowling at the Block (a mall) in Orange, CA with the OC 20-30 Something's Women Meetup group. I haven't gone bowling in such a long time and I actually had fun. I also got a chance to work on flash in very low lighting in an indoor venue. I need to learn where to point the flash or get a better lens with an f2.8 aperature, but I didn't do too bad.

Day 55 of 365 Project:

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