Thursday, June 10, 2010


I used to do security work. I used to enjoy doing that kind of work, but I think due to how stressful it was and how ungrateful many people were towards people who did their jobs *correctly*, I didn't enjoy the work anymore after awhile. I suppose how I felt made me dislike being around other security officers. It wasn't because they did terrible things to me. I just didn't like them for some reason. It was very rare that I did like one. For example, Alfred was one of them. We didn't work at the same company, but we worked at the same shopping center. His company was hired to take care of a specific grocery store only. My job was to take care of the parking area and the other businesses on the property.

Today, I was taking care of business and I was in his part of town where he was working, so I paid him a visit. He was a very nice person when I was "working" with him.

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