Wednesday, July 14, 2010

365 Day Photo Project

I have decided that I need to start over with this 365 Day Photo Project and start it on a separate blog. I need a specific theme because doing a daily random photo theme is not helping me and I'm basically always getting stuck or running out of ideas to photograph. This blog will still be used for personal photography and other personal subjects. It's just getting too complicated for me to do both the 365 Day Project and share other personal photos and subjects on the same blog.

The theme on my 365 Day Project is on "people" including self-portraits. If you're following both blogs, sometimes I may have something similar between both, however, I will be sharing more photos here from the same event or social gatherings, including photos of food, pets and other random stuff. I'll try to cross post too often. After all, one of the rules to 365 Day Photo Project is to share ONE photo PER DAY...even though the real challenge is taking picures of people every single day for a year!

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