Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ronald McDonald House of Orange County

I went to the Ronald McDonald House in the City of Orange yesterday afternoon with the O.C. Volunteers meetup group to volunteer and make meals/dinner for the CHOC (Children Hospital of Orange County) patients' families. The CHOC patients (who are children) are usually very sick or very injured, so when their families are at the hospital with them, they (the families) can go to the Ronald McDonald House to eat and have a place to stay overnight while the kids are getting treatment. The families can't travel too far when their kids are getting treatments in the hospital, so at least, they have a place to stay that's close by.

The place was really cute, looked like a house from the outside and like a hotel on the inside. It was fun working with the other volunteers while making and preparing meals for the CHOC patients' families.

For more photos:


  1. I re-watched your photos ( the ones wih people in the kitchen ) . They are good . It is a good deed too .
    In friendship