Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Band: State The Obvious

Last week, I went to a local junior college. I wasn't a student there, but I knew that fall classes had already started a week earlier, and visiting the campus would be a great opportunity for me to initiate a conversation with one or more students since there would be a plethora of them.

I approached Ernie and Matt who were playing their guitars and singing, and I asked for their photos because they were more approachable than the other students who were reading books/papers. While talking with them, I learned that Matt had been singing his whole life. He also had his own band called "State The Obvious" who had been together for five years. Earnie wasn't part of a band, but he enjoyed playing a guitar with Matt.

Matt invited me to his band's performance on Friday night at Chain Reaction and he explained that photography was allowed in the venue without permits or licensing. You can join the band's "fan" page  and sample some of their music on youtube (video taken not by me). Take note that the clothes they were wearing in the first video was the same in the photo(s) that I took. For some reason, seeing the video from that night made me happy.

For more photos, click and visit this link. I didn't have the right lens that could handle low lighting for the performance, so most of the photos have some amount of blurriness.

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