Thursday, September 23, 2010

Food Photography

I recently created a food photography blog because I'm one of the those people with ADD (attention deficit disorder)/short attention spans. Or I'm just a weird and crazy person.

I went to a cupcake showdown - a cupcake competition type event - a few days ago. Originally I went there just to take pictures and eat some cupcakes, forgetting that I could actually network and do business with the cupcake makers/designers/bakers that were there. Oh Sue Sweet was one of the bakeries/cupcake makers who "reminded" me about networking. She saw a few people (including me) taking pictures of her cupcakes on her table, told us to take some cupcakes because they were free and mentioned that she was a new business/entrepreneur person. That got me all curious and we briefly talked about this whole new business thing. We exchanged contact information and business cards because she needed pictures for her business and I know that she would have clients who would need a photographer for events (birthdays, weddings, etc). She doesn't have a website yet, but she does have a fan page on facebook! Please show some support!

cupcakes from Oh Sue Sweet with winning cupcake called Ube Macapuno Cupcakes (pictured with white frosting)

By the way, I only tried three mini cupcakes (all of which belonged to Oh Sue Sweet). The other cupcake makers/designers/bakers were required to sign a vote card from all the guests that attended, so that the guests could taste the cupcakes. Vote cards basically allowed the guests to vote for their favorite cupcakes. I never picked up a vote card so I didn't taste any cupcakes from the other bakers, but I was ok with that because I didn't want to get sick with sugar overload, even from trying eight more different cupcakes. Just being surrounded by the amount of cupcakes made me go into a sugar overload. I also got chili cheese fries that was flavored in beer with a hint of chocolate from Frysmith (food truck). It was ok, but perhaps, I should try their food again when I'm not in a sugar coma.

Now that I'm no longer suffering from sugar overload (from looking at cupcake photos for editing), I should go contact the other cupcake bakers/makers and email photos to them.

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  1. Your phoTos are melting in my mouth.They make justice to those escellent cup cakes . Probaly you will remain in relation with Sue for your own photo business .
    In friendship