Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sightseeing With Out of Town Relatives

My cousin and aunt are visiting Southern California from Vancouver, Canada. I spent a full day with them and my grandma (who lives locally) sightseeing yesterday. We went to the Santa Monica pier, Pink's Hotdog (lunch), Olvera Street and the L.A. Union Station. It was a tiring, long day, but it was fun. Now I realize how much work it takes to entertain out of town guests.

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L.A. Union Station has an architecture that I enjoy looking at. There were less people there yesterday compared to the last time that I was there. The main security officer warned me to keep my camera close and tight. While nothing had happened, it was better to be safe than lose something so expensive as there were always a lot of homeless people sleeping in the chairs in the main corridors.

While visiting Olvera Street, I found Pico House which was located very close by. I was excited to have finally found and seen this hotel in real life! It appeared on "Ghost Adventures" as one of the haunted locations. I wanted to go inside to see if it was really haunted, but since I didn't have permission to enter, I could only look from the outside. I took some pictures through the windows, just to see if anything would appear, but of course, nothing came up in the photos.

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