Sunday, February 27, 2011

Monrovia Canyon Park - Ben Overturff Trail

This weekend, I went hiking in Monrovia Canyon Park with the L.A. Hiking meetup group. This was my first hike with any meetup group...or any group in general. We went on the scenic Ben Overturff Trail and we hiked seven miles round trip. We had a small group of people during this hike and I enjoyed it. The difficultly level of this hike was moderate 6/10. As you know, I am a runner who runs half marathons and just recently completed a 10K race just two weeks ago! While I'm in decent shape for running, walking and hiking were a totally different ball game! Luckily being a long distance runner has actually helped a lot! We had great weather (nice, cool, and sunny) and it was a great work out. In fact, I have sore leg muscles from this hike because of the level of difficulty! Did you know that going down steep declines is just as difficult as going up steep inclines? You need a lot of control so you don't trip on anything and fall. I had a great experience with the group and I hope to plan more hikes in the future.  Click here to view more photos.

While we're on the subject of photography, I recently attended a mini photography workshop at the Irvine Park in Orange, CA. It was quite nice. Click here to see an update with photos.

After the mini photography workshop, we immediately had an O.C. smug mug meeting in the Outdoor Education Center in Irvine Park. It was very, very educational and I was happy to leave the meeting, knowing that I learned something. Click here for an update.

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