Friday, February 10, 2012

Volunteering: Knitting Hats For Children with Cancer

I met up with the SoCal Volunteeers United meetup group last night and we made (knitted/crocheted) some hats. We don't yet know WHERE the hats will be going, but we do know that they will be given to children with cancer. There were nine volunteers (and a teacher who helped those who were new to knitting and crocheting), and I was the only who didn't need a loom (a circular frame). However, it was actually more time-consuming to make a hat free-hand style. I made a baby hat, but I made it halfway when we were done by the end of two hours! I think I will have to go back next week to finish what I started as I don't think the teacher will finish it and I'm the only person who can make a hat free hand.


On a unrelated note, I've updated my foodie blog so check it out! I also recently went to a photography workshop, so check out the photos here!

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