Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bride And Groom Photo Session - Laura and Dustin

A few weeks ago, I took my dog to a dog park in hopes to get her more socialized with other dogs and learn to play, AND with intentions of finding people who would be intereseted in scheduling a dog photo session with me. While I found two people who might be interested, I also left with someone who was interested in having me as a photographer at his wedding. Unfortunately, his wedding was last Sunday (August 16), and he never called me to confirm or fill me in on the details.

Before I had someone who asked me to be a photographer at his wedding, I actually didn't want to do wedding photography. There is a high expectation for the big day to be perfect because the brides-to-be put in so much time, work/effort and money into their weddings that it is very easy to disappoint them. I don't want to provide bad services, bad photos or the wrong kind of photos. I've decided to give it a try and if I don't actually like doing wedding photography after I try it once....well, I can say that I have tried it once to see what it is like. The only difference between regular couples portraits and wedding photos is that everyone is dressed up in nice clothes for a wedding. I've already enjoy photographing couples and they can be even more lovely dovey on their wedding day. I also realize that I could potentially gain more clients for "regular" portraits by doing weddings.

I had a "Bride & Groom" posing workshop
this past Sunday. Henry Wang and Doug McNamee were the main photographers who led the workshop. It was a fun and great learning experience. While this is NOT for a real wedding, now I have something to show and I don't feel stupid when people ask me to do their weddings!

Meet Laura and Dustin who were the models for us:

Dustin and Laura are a real couple, however, they are not getting married anytime soon. They were playing dress up in full wedding attire for us. They were such a pleasure to work with and they are a real cute couple!

Here are the rest of the photo set for Laura and Dustin: http://anastasia.zenfolio.com/p972848454

Saturday, August 8, 2009

First Maternity Shoot

I recently did a maternity photo session with Veronica and Paul. They are expecting their first baby in October. This was my first maternity shoot, so I didn't know what to expect or have any experience on what to do. This was also their first maternity shoot as well, so it was a learning experience for us all. They were a pleasure to work with and I hope to do a baby/family photo session after their baby is born!

You can see more of their photos at: http://anastasia.zenfolio.com/p457198407

While this was my first maternity shoot, it was an interesting experience and I have a lot to learn about this kind of photography. I absolutely love photographing kids and families, so doing maternity photos can't be skipped! Any photographers out there who reading this and do maternity photography, I would appreciate any help, suggestions, and advice on how to improve.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Doggie Clan

A few months ago, I had an opportunity to work with Maty for a dog photo session. She asked for me to return for another photo session. You can see some of the old photos from a few months ago here: http://anastasia.zenfolio.com/p983376365

Anyway...Maty had a few new additions to the pack. Trying to photograph five dogs and three puppies was a challenge, but I tried my best to photograph everyone. It also helped that Maty's niece played with all the dogs. She made the photo session easier and more fun. Here are a few of my favorite photos:

More photos can be seen here: http://anastasia.zenfolio.com/p7388573

In case you are wondering, the names of all the dogs are:

Pinta (Boxer)
Alex (wearing a red sweater)
Heaven (wearing a pink and black dress)
Gigi (wearing a blue dress)
Mommo (wearing a stripe polo shirt)
Lulu (peach color wearing a pink scarf)
Brownie (small puppie girl light brown color tan)
Tiki (small puppie boy)
Fibi (small puppie girl)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

San Dimas Dog Park

I took my dog, Kiko, to the dog park - which is part of the Horsethief Canyon Park - in San Dimas, CA for the small breed dog meetup group this morning. We meet once a month for the group. This is the second time that I have taken her to any dog parks and I need to take her to a dog park more often. While she is good and enjoys greeting other dogs, she needs to learn how to be a dog and play with other dogs.

Rupert (pug)

The small breed dog meetup group meets once a month. There were only three members from the group that showed up. What a disappointing turn out! While there weren't that many members from the group, I still enjoyed talking with the members and taking photos. There were other dogs and pet owners - who weren't part of the group - there.

San Dimas Dog Park: http://anastasia.zenfolio.com/p170129650