Sunday, May 8, 2011

Battle Of The Bands - May 2011

I went to an event "Battle Of The Bands" yesterday afternoon in Covina, CA where five bands came together to battle it out with each other. I was only able to watch three bands perform because that was all the time that I had, but I didn't photograph one of the bands.

This was State The Obvious. The singer was also my friend, so I was naturally incline to be at the event to show support for his band. This was my second show that I went to where I got to see them perform. The first time was a few months ago at Chain Reaction. As usual, they put on a great performance with lots of energy and they got first place. Since this wasn't the first time that I saw State The Obvious perform, surely I will put up more photos from future shows/performances for them.

This was Dihverscity. I didn't know of them before, but they also put on a great performance with lots of energy. They also got second place in the battle!

Want to see more? Click here to view. All the bands at this event love to play music. They may not be national or world famous yet, but for now, they just enjoy playing for fun and for their local fans.

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