Monday, October 5, 2009

Bridal Shoot

I attended another wedding photography workshop over the weekend. I always have fun in any kind of photography workshops and I'm always learning something new. The photographers who lead and host the workshops are always fun.

Henry Wang and Doug McNamee were the photographers who led the workshop. They were awesome as always, and the models were also fabulous and beautiful! There were three models and two of them are a real couple - Amanda and Josh - even though they are not getting married anytime soon. Rie, who was the third model, was just stunning and an exceptionally talented model!

The workshop started at Henry's studio in Temple City and we took photos of the models in the studio and outdoors near the studio. Then we moved on to the Santa Fe Dam in Irwindale to finish off the rest of the workshop. Here are a few photos from the workshop with the rest of the photo session(s) on my zenfolio website.

After the workshop, we went to dinner to a Chinese restaurant called "Indian". What an interesting name! We talked a little bit about photography, but mostly of everything else and we just hung out. The food and company were great!

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