Sunday, June 27, 2010


So, I've been busy doing either nothing or taking pictures. I've been practicing on my food photography. I think if the food is not served or presented in a more appealing/appetizing way, there is nothing I can do to make it look better no matter what I try to do.

Day 128 Of
365 Project:

I went to Carl's Jr on Friday because I played this stupid game on facebook. I was suppose to get an upgrade on a combo from a small to a medium, however, I only got one dollar off. I think the small combo is more than one dollar cheaper than the medium. I got the grilled cheese bacon burger. I had been wanting to try wasn't as exciting as I thought.

Day 129 Of
365 Project:

I got some discount coupons for Yoshinoya in the mail recently. I went there with Dave yesterday and we got a combo bowl (with teriyaki beef and chicken) and a small chicken teriyaki bowl.

Day 130 Of
365 Project:

I went to The Hat this evening with a bunch of photographers for dinner. I had never been here before, even though I've lived ten minutes away from one.

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