Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bruise And Poncho

I had a pet/dog photo session on Sunday. I finally got around to looking at the photos and editing them.

Bruise is a labrador and Poncho is a bishon frise. I love the name "Bruise" for a black dog. Anyway, Bruise and Poncho were fun to photograph, however, we couldn't let them off the lease and run around for too long without someone saying something.

This also actually brings back memories because I used to own a labrador dog who passed away at the age of almost 15 years old!

This picture is not to depict how funny it is to see an animal having a misfortune. It is being "featured" because it shows the dogs having fun and running around. I really enjoy animal action photos! Although Bruise looked like he tripped on his leash, he had actually just caught the ball.

I seem to get bored when pets are posing for too many pictures. Pets are more fun to photograph when they are running around, playing and doing what they naturally do.

More from this photo set can be seen on my website: http://anastasia.zenfolio.com/p224792317

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