Saturday, July 25, 2009

Children And Family Photography

I recently did a family and children portraits session with the Los Angeles Photography meetup group. A mother and children meetup group agreed to do a photo session with us. This was my first photo session with kids and I thoroughly enjoyed working with the kids and their mothers.

Baby Alexis with Mom:

Baby Jasmine and Auntie Lisa:

Lisa is a 13 year old aunt to baby Jasmine. Lisa is the sister to baby Jasmine's mother.

Baby Maddy and Mom:

Sometimes, I wish I had my own kids because babies are actually really fun to photograph. However, I'll still pass because kids are a lot of work and they're expensive. It would also be very selfish of me to have any when I don't want to be tied down by kids and I don't want to make time for them. You just must really and truly want them in order for them to be a wonderful part in your life.

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