Thursday, July 16, 2009

SoCal Photog Shootout

Photog Shootout is basically a photography workshop or seminar. I went to one along with 49 other photographers in San Juan Capistrano, CA yesterday. Hanssie Trainor, Rob Nicholson, and Matt Saville hosted and organized the event while Shoot Dot Edit sponsored/provided dinner for us. Hanssie and Matt were two of five photographic instructors who "taught" different aspects of photography. It was a great learning experience and fun event to attend. The instructors were great and the models were awesome. I also met and made a lot of new friends!

Brett and Rachel are not a couple, however, they are just friends/modeling.

Aimee and Troy are a couple and they will be getting married soon. Troy is also a photographer! I seem to enjoy working with two people who are real couples. When you work with two people who are just models/friends, it's hard to get them to do poses like the kissy-faces, huggy, very touchy feely or with the noses touching...they can't really do a while lot of intimate poses that a real couples can do without looking forced, awkward or unnatural. Also, on another note, I did my first engagement session! It was unofficial, but it was fun!

There will be another SoCal Photog Shootout at the end of August and I'm determined to attend it.

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