Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cal Poly Pomona

A few weeks ago, I went to Cal Poly Pomona to take photos of the students that were on campus. Little did I know that there were no classes in session and the campus was empty with no students anywhere!

The classes started the Fall session last week and I was eager to visit the campus to take photos of any random student there. I had the intentions to do the 100 Strangers Project in relation to my 365 Day Project and ask a random student for a photo, however, I got distracted by the food booths that gave away free ice cream, hotdogs, sodas and chips. I wasn't a student at this college and they didn't ask for student ID, so I got free food. Many people said that I looked like 21 to 23 years old, so it was easy for me to pass as a young college student.

I did take photos of the students that were everywhere, having lunch and hanging out with their friends while eating free hotdogs, chips and sodas, but the best part was when I saw my friend Joy who was on her way to a meeting with her counselor about her classes and career path. She was a student here. She was also not a stranger to me as we knew each other from karate training.

Joy and I

Here are some random photos that I took while at Cal Poly:

These photos were taken in the main courtyard near the Student Life Center/Cafeteria

One Veggie Hotdog and One Regular Hotdog

I didn't take a photo of the ice cream because it was pretty warm out and the ice cream was melting.


  1. Great job! Thanks for sharing you picture. Wish I was there, not for free stuff, but for taking some pictures.