Sunday, September 19, 2010

End Of The Summer

On Friday, I went to a pool party for my friend, Brandon, from Karate training. He is currently a student at California State Polytechnic  University Pomona and he starts fall classes tomorrow. There weren't that many people who showed up for the party, mainly because Brandon invited friends two days before the party, and it was also on a weekday. I had fun regardless of how many people were there because Brandon and I rarely ever hang out and do something fun outside of Karate training.

I went to a barbecue party this afternoon. It was a Speed Syndicate Racing Annual BBQ at Friendship Park in San Pedro, CA. I hung out with Q and Yoko, and made a few new friends. It's very rare that I get to hang out with Q and Yoko, perhaps once a year or every other year? Q is also a photographer and enjoys photographing auto racing, particularly import cars. You can visit his website here.

Yoko (on left) and Q (on right)

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  1. Thanks for following me, Anastasia! Did you find my Blogspot link on Xanga? (I forgot to post it there until recently).

    How is karate and running going? I have a run scheduled for later today, but nothing too strenuous. I injured my back earlier this week either lifting or practicing hula/Tahitian without warming up, so for now I will go slow.

    I will read your blogs when I have more time :). I'm heading into work soon. Take care!

  2. You look really happy,Anas.