Monday, July 5, 2010

Territorial Animal

While I was walking Kiko on the trail this morning, I noticed a dog staring at us from its backyard. It had seen us a few times before on the trail that went alongside its backyard and it only barked at the first sight of us. This black dog can hear noises and usually likes to investigate what the noise is. Today was one of the days that it didn't bark, but it stared at us instead. I'd like to think that I have a way with some dogs because my friend's dog didn't bark at me as I walked by the balcony, but would bark at everyone else. On the other hand, I have no affect on some dogs. The neighbor to this black dog has a yellow labrador. It snarls and growls at us everytime we walk by. This reaction is funny and scary. Kiko doesn't react to dogs barking from the backyard/fence line. She used to, but I trained her to ignore them.

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