Sunday, August 29, 2010

Friends and Fun Things To Do

I went to the O.C. Foodie Fest yesterday with a friend and some of her friends. I debated about going because I had a birthday party to go afterwards and I wasn't sure how I would feel. I was glad that I went. Despite that this was the first year that Orange County had a foodie fest and there were long lines for each "truck stop", we had a fun time.

After the O.C. Foodie Fest, I went to a birthday party in Manhattan Beach for another friend. After I decided that I wanted to go the O.C. Foodie Fest, I wasn't sure how I would feel about making the drive to Manhattan Beach and then going home. It seemed like a lot of driving and a very long day, but it turned out that I was ok with the long day and lots of driving. I had fun at the party too.


On a side note, please visit my 365 Day Project blog and follow along.


  1. It was so good seeing you. I'm glad you came out. It looks like we both did a lot of driving on Saturday! :)

  2. On the first photo( classic ) you are both very ell .
    The second ( birthday candles) is more artistique with game of light and shadow because you didn' t use the flash . A beautiful 40year old ! :)
    In friendship