Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Party Favors

I got bored, so I started experimenting with the flash on the party favors that I got from my cousin's wedding back in December 2009. After all, the main reason for this project/challenge is to learn, practice and try new techniques. These party favors were really cute. He had an Asian version and an American version for his wedding guests. Each guest either got the American pair OR the Asian pair.

Each pair of "little people" were in their own cute boxes with ribbons on the top/lid/front and the "little people" were looking out of a plastic window. I got frustrated with the plastic window because the light from the flash was bouncing/reflecting off of it, even though the flash was pointing up and bouncing off of the ceiling. I didn't like the light reflecting off the plastic window, so I took the "little people" out of their boxes. Product photography is fun (for now), but I still have a long way to go before I perfect it...if I don't get bored with it. But then again, this is probably only fun to me because I'm just goofing off and experimenting. It was hard to get the "little people" to look straight ahead or slightly at each other because of their round bottoms and it took me awhile to position them how I wanted them, but I still failed and they're looking off in the wrong direction.

Day 29 of 365 Project:

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