Saturday, April 17, 2010

Carney's Train Food: Chili Cheese Fries

Dave and I originally planned to try a Thai restaurant in Thai Town - Los Angeles this evening, but the parking situation was terrible. So, we opted for dinner Carney's Train which was a resturant in Hollywood, CA, several miles from the original restaurant. We had been to Carney's a few times, so we knew that the food and service were good. The resturant is held in a real train car and it is known for its chili fries, chili cheeseburgers, and chili cheese dogs. It's basically like Wienerschnitzel, only Carney's is way better.

I ordered the chili cheeseburger and Dave ordered the Thai chicken wrap. We also shared some chili cheese fries and a drink. Oh, how I missed chili cheese fries and chili cheeseburgers. I'm still trying to learn food photography, so my chili cheese burger didn't look as good as it did in real life. The chili cheese fries looked so good/tasty yet so gross at the same time.

Day 61 of 365 Project:

P.S. Many more food photos coming up in the future! So be prepared to come hungry or be grossed out. ;-)

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