Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Echo Park Lake

I went to Echo Park, CA today and took some photos of Echo Park Lake. I haven't been to Echo Park Lake in five years. I think visiting the lake was more exciting five years ago because there were more people and it was my first time there too. Today was a work day, so naturally there would be less people. There was a section in the pond that had lily pads five years ago. I didn't see those today, so I wonder what happened to those?

It seemed really interesting to visit five years ago. I think I will still take a client here for a photo session because it is still scenic and I like water/ponds/lakes/streams/creeks in the background when I photograph people, but it's not really fun to take photographs for personal purposes anymore.

Day 51 of 365 Project:

Echo Park Lake with Downtown Los Angeles in the background

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  1. can't believe you are on day 51 already. haha

    self-portraits are so challenging. whenever i think of self-portraits, i always think of van gogh cutting off his ear.