Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Running Bandana

I got a bandana for running two summers ago. I wanted to use it and wear actual ice cubes on my head while I was out running to keep myself cool. Two summers ago, it was very hot and humid that I would be soaked and covered in sweat from running at 6:30am!

Anyway, wearing ice cubes wasn't successful at all because not only did the ice melt within ten minutes of running, it didn't stay on my head because of the weight of the ice. The bandana didn't even stay cool/cold for very long either because I was hot from running on top of the very uncomfortable weather. So I gave up wearing a bandana on my head until recently.

I take turbo kickboxing classes at the gym and the instructor always wears a bandana. I never see him without it. He's like Bret Michaels (from the band Poison) who's never without one either. I decided that I would give the bandana wearing a try again, but this time without any ice. Treating it like a sweat band was a nice idea because it worked and helped keep most of the sweat away from my face.

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I only look like this when I'm running

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